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Avanti Workflow Solutions offers ISO certified GDPR training courses at various locations across the UK.  The training can also be delivered at your work place or a location of your choice.  These courses are presented by GDPR practitioners who use their extensive practical experience, gained within many service and operational industries, to deliver the complexity of the regulation in an easy to understand format.


The GDPR Practitioner course provides each delegate with a comprehensive understanding of Data Protection to enable the implementation of the GDPR Principles.  It presents the key compliance activities required to understand the wider framework within which Data Protection resides.  The course will assist with the understanding of the various controls, policies and procedures that can be applied to ensure compliance.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss in more detail or how GDPR training can be adapted to meet your business needs.

GDPR Practitioner Training (2 Full Days)

The curriculum for this course covers:

  • Introduction to Data Protection in Europe
  • EU GDPR Basics
  • EU GDPR Terminology
  • Essential Data Protection Obligations
  • EU GDPR Scope
  • EU GDPR Principles
  • Rights of the Data Subjects
  • Controller and Processor
  • Data Protection Officer
  • International Data Transfers
  • Supervisory Authorities
  • Remedies, liabilities and penalties
  • Opening clauses and derogations
  • Major changes – DPA to GDPR
  • Privacy by design
  • Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulation (PECR)
  • Cloud Services
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Britain leaving EU – Considerations and impact
  • Demonstrating compliance
  • Planning for compliance
  • Risk Management
  • Setting up a programme
  • Technologies
  • Data protection in the digital age
Data Protection Officer (3 Full Days)

The curriculum for this course covers:

GDPR Practitioner Training curriculum plus an additional 1 day, to cover:

  • Overview
  • Mandatory appointment
  • Who can undertake the role of DPO?
  • Organisational involvement of the DPO
  • Primary responsibilities of the DPO
  • Organisational support of the DPO
  • Independence of the DPO
  • DPO conflict of interest
  • DPO Characteristics
  • New role in organisations
  • Role, obligations and position
  • Relationship with management board
  • Relationship with information technology
  • Relationship with software / product development
  • Relationship with human resources
  • Obligation to maintain records
  • Staff training and awareness
  • Tasks of the DPO and Soft Skills required
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