Quality Assurances and Regulatory Affairs

“In current times, it has never been so evident that we are in a highly competitive global market. Organisations are continuously adapting their working practices to gain competitive advantage by means of Quality Assured products and services; cheaper products achieved by leaner processes and the reducton of waste; Researchand Development time reductions in the race to launch innovations prior to their competitors.

Business processes, tools and techniques have been available for many years, and when used effectively and consistently, have provided an enabler to seek their competitive advantage. However, Customers’ expectations are continuously increasing with regards to quality, cost, timelines and the reassurance that the product or service is safe to use. Regulatory bodies, Health Authorities, Institutes of Standardisation, to name just a few are expanding their requirements with regular updates that require additional resource and tighter business and budget controls.

​To meet these increased demands, organisations cannot rest on their laurels. Projects must be agile and iterative supported by processes where design and process risks are mitigated to prevent costly failure and rework. Problems must be solved at the root cause to enable effective corrective actions that prevent recurrences. Commercialised products have to be safe and quality assured to ensure all stakeholder and regulatory requirements have been met.

Avanti consultants have the expertise and experience to offer guidance, resource and training that is bespoke to meet your business needs. In the first instance, let’s have an informal conversation to see if we can collaborate and work together for the resolution of any specific issues.”

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